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Mobile Chemical Dosing Units for Chlorination & De-chlorination

Our mobile chemical injection units are used for chlorination and de-chlorination. Ranging from small units inside buildings to larger trailer mounted units suitable for large diameter trunk pipelines.

Rapid (ship) Filling Units

Our range of RF units are mobile boosted break cisterns designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and fully compliant with IGN for the supply of wholesome water to ships in port.

Data Loggers

Providing information on flow and pressure our digital data loggers have an accuracy greater than 0.1m. These also have the functionality to remotely report data so that it can be accessed and interpreted off site.


Accessory parts can be provided, these include Regulation 31 blue lay-flat hoses, tapped blank (test) flanges, standpipes, valve keys and fittings.
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